Yasiel Puig Is Being Sued For 12 Million Dollars

Yasiel Puig is being sued by a man in Cuba.

Yasiel Puig is being sued by a man in Cuba.

Yasiel Puig has burst onto the scene, hitting .388 and 8 HRs in 39 games. He has revitalized the overpaid, underperforming, star-filled roster of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are now just 1.5 games in the NL West.

However, he has not been without controversy. He has rubbed veterans of his own team and of the opposition the wrong way for his emotional play, leading to celebrations that “show-up”.

While I personally do not have  a problem with these celebrations, as his celebrations are similar to Jose Reyes’ when he was a young buck on the Mets, their appears to be a more troubling controversy brewing off in the distance, Cuba to be exact.

According to

the L.A. Times, a man in Cuba is suing Puig to the tune of 12 million dollars for making a false accusation. According to the man, this accusation resulted in him spending 7 years in prison for human trafficking violations in 2010.

The man’s name is Miguel Angel Corbach, who although currently resides in Cuba, has filed the suit in Florida. The suit says that Puig and his mother testified falsely which resulted in “prolonged arbitrary detention and torture” .

Apparently what happened was that Puig was attempting to leave after the Cuban government forced a demotion from the nation’s team and top-level baseball league. Corbach alleges that in order to get back into the top league, he had to earn the respect of the government, which lead him to falsify the testimony against Corbach.

While Puig has yet to be reached for comment, his agent, Jaime Torres said, “This is not something we’re going to comment about.


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