A-Rod Homers In First Rehab Game

Alex Rodriguez hits a home run in his first game for the Trenton Thunder.

Alex Rodriguez hits a home run in his first game for the Trenton Thunder.

Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be the guy to break the Home-Run record the clean way. He was supposed to be baseball’s savior. He was supposed to abolish all memories of the steroid using sluggers of the 90s. Ironically, he turned out be just another one.

While he admitted steroid use earlier in his career, he has since denied any use throughout any part of his career. However, while remaining on the DL, he has been linked, along with Ryan Braun and others, to a Biogenesis lab. While the investigation is ongoing, MLB and Bud Selig are determined to “catch” and prosecute them if possible.

Amidst outrage from Yankee Fans, two hip surgeries, and millions upon millions of garuenteed money, it would stand to reason that most people would elect to not to comeback or to take their time. This is not the case with Alex Rodriguez. Despite my distaste for his lies, him being a Yankee, and his steroid use, I can appreciate that he is trying to get back. He does want to play. He does want to earn his money. He does want to hold on to his “reputation”.

While his return to the majors will be soon, he will have to rehab in the minors for a while. In his first game back, he started going 2-4 with this home run:


2 thoughts on “A-Rod Homers In First Rehab Game

    • Yea, it seems that for whatever reasons, players that sign megadeals and leave their “home” (Cardinals for Pujols) tend to do poorly. If you look at Wright, who took a less lucrative contract, is having a career year with the Mets.

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