New York Met Jordanny Valdespin Calls Manage a C–K Sucker

Jordanny Valdespin gets demoted and gets mad.

Jordanny Valdespin gets demoted and gets mad.

The New York Mets are an organization known for its pitching, from Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, and Doc Gooden to present day Matt Harvey and prospects Zach Wheeler, Nolan Syndergaard, and the list goes on. With that being said, their position players are an organizational weakness, especially in the minor leagues. This is one of the reasons that the antics of 25 year-old Jordanny Valdespin are tolerated. Despite being a headache off the field, he has shown the knack for hitting a the clutch pinch hit home run and being able to field.

Despite his athletic ability, he has struggled mightily this season as a Met and has been rotting away on the bench. Rather than keep a young, developing player on the bench, the Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, and manager, Terry Collins, decided to send him to Triple A Las Vegas so that Valdespin can harness his skill set.

While all players are dismayed in being demoted, or anyone for that matter, Valdespin decided to take an extreme route to announcing his displeasure. He chose to call his manager, his boss, a c–k sucker. He also tried to fake an injury in order to be sent to the DL instead of being sent to play for the 51’s.

Whatever the case may be, nobody would be able to call their boss that in the “real world” and get away with it. Valdespin may be skilled, but that is absolutely ridiculous behavior.


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