Jason Kidd Walks Out For Phone Call

Jason Kidd Is The New Nets Coach

Jason Kidd Is The New Nets Coach

Everyone knows Jason Kidd is the new coach for the Brooklyn Nets, and Kidd knows there is going to be a lot of pressure on him to succeed. The NBA Summer League has just begun and is where all the young players showcase their talents to try and earn a spot on an NBA team. This is Kidd’s first time ever coaching a team and things have been interesting. He has piled up a couple of technicals and is taking this Summer League very seriously.

In this video below, Kidd makes a little mistake. During the Nets’ game, they are down 17-2 and you see Jason Kidd walking out of the gym on his phone. The media and fans are making a huge deal out of this. They are saying he isn’t dedicated to the team, and that he isn’t taking his coaching job that serious. The fans have nothing to worry about, though. First off, in this game, Kidd was not coaching the team. The duties were given to assistant coach Eric Hughes. Kidd should of stayed though to at least watch the game, but the call obviously had to be real important for him to walk away. Don’t worry Nets fans, I can assure you that Kidd will not walk out during a regular season game.


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