Fox & Friends’ Anchor Throws Basketball At Baby’s Face

Titus Gets Struck In The Face With Ball

Titus Gets Struck In The Face With Ball

Titus The Shooting Baby. That is what most people call the young 2 year old baby. Titus is known for his basketball shooting, where he makes almost everything with an irregular form. He first became famous from this trick shot video:

The video currently has more than 12 million views. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old. More and more people started to hear about the young Titus. Titus eventually got invited onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show to show off his skills. He even battled it out with Shaq and beat him in a shooting contest.

This latest video isn’t so much about Titus. Titus was on Fox & Friends shooting a basketball around into the hoop. Anchor Brian Kilmeade got a rebound for Titus and tossed it to him. Seeming to forget he was a baby, Kilmeade tossed it and the ball hit Titus in the face. Titus began crying and ran to his dad. Obviously, Brian didn’t mean to hurt the young kid, but the video is just amusing.


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