Blake Griffin Done With Being Called Soft

Is Blake Griffin Soft?

Is Blake Griffin Soft?

Blake Griffin is soft. That’s what is said around the league by critics, the media, and even players. Zach Randolph was a guy who might have gotten into Griffin’s head by saying he was soft in the playoff series they were in together.

To add fuel to the fire, Blake’s former teammate, Chauncey Billups said Griffin is just too nice and that people take advantage of his personality. Griffin has had enough of people saying he is soft.

“I’ve never really worried about being called soft or people thinking I’m soft. If anybody wants to step and take that challenge I’m more than happy — off the court — because I don’t want to get suspended. It’s not something that I dwell on. I’ve never really had a problem with being soft.”

I wonder if anyone is going to accept Blake’s challenge. Next season, Griffin is going to have to prove to everyone that he isn’t soft, but I have a feeling he will have no problem with that.


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