Hilarious Last Request From A Dead Cleveland Browns Fan

A Cleveland Browns fan has a special request regarding his favorite NFL team.

A Cleveland Browns fan has a special request regarding his favorite NFL team.

Death is something that ought to be respected. It is the only thing that absolutely nobody will escape. People deal with death differently, some avoid risk taking throughout their lives out of fear, some act in spite of death, and some brave souls outright mock it. Scott Entsminger was a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan. Over the last twenty years, he would write a song about the team every year, mostly just to cope with the frustrations of rooting for a team that has had just three winning seasons over that span.

While his favorite football team has amounted to nothing for a good portion of his life, the same can not be said of this Ohio native. He is an accomplished musician, a guatrist for the Old Fogies Band. While his now most famous songs are about his advice to the Browns, he is now more well-known for his hilarious, but odd request at his funeral.

At the age of 55, he passed on but as his funeral he, according to the Columbus Dispatch:

“He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time”

The family was in full support of the movement, and even encouraged attendees to wear Browns jerseys.

This marks the low of the low. Sorry Browns fans and sorry to the Entsmingers for their loss.


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