Mason Plumlee’s Slam In Summer League

Mason Plumlee Performs A Vicious Slam

Mason Plumlee Performs A Vicious Slam

Mason Plumlee was the 22nd pick of the NBA Draft and went to the Nets. Plumlee played under Coach K at Duke University for 4 years, having a national championship under his belt. Projected in the top 10 at the beginning of the year, Mason did not do anything wrong, it was the result of college stars that emerged. 

Being a Duke fan, I know all about Mason Plumlee and his college career. Plumlee did not emerge as a full time starter until his junior year, but he did get substantial minutes since his freshman year. Honestly, the 6′ 11″ center did not have a complete game as a big man. He was all about rebounding and huge dunks. That was really it. Plumlee had no post game or moves and need to work on being down on the block if he wanted to play in the NBA. Coming into his senior year, Mason was completely different. He had an awesome hook shot from down low, along with great handles for his size. He still had his highlight dunks, but most importantly, he made most of his free throw (I closed my eyes every time he shot a free throw before his senior year).

The main reason for this post is to show an impressive highlight from today’s summer league game against the Pistons. Plumlee got a rebound and brought the ball up even though bigs should never be doing that. He started from the left side of the court and went towards the basket. Two defenders went for the ball and from nowhere, Mason did a spin move that led to him posterizing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. This play is unreal.


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