Jared Weaver Names Child After Nick Adenhart

Jared Weaver honors and remembers Nick Adenhart by naming his first child after him.

Jared Weaver honors and remembers Nick Adenhart by naming his first child after him.

The odds of making a professional sports team are extremely slim. If you think about all of the players that play college ball and high school baseball, the numbers are at least in the hundreds of thousands. Add that to the amount of players who have played little league and other pre-high school baseball and it is numbers in the millions.  With only 30 professional teams in the MLB and only 25 roster spots, the total amount of players in the majors is ridiculously small relative to the amount of athletes who have or are playing baseball.

This is exactly what Nick Adenhart, a 22 year old member of the Las Angeles Angels of Anaheim was able to accomplish. He was a highly praised pitching prospect for the organization and was able to make his MLB debut against the Oakland Athletics. In that game, he threw 6 innings of shut-out baseball. Unfortunately, that was the last time Adenhart would ever grace a pitcher’s mound again.

On April 9th, 2009, Nick Adenhart was driving with two people in his car when a drunk driver slammed into his car. The driver of the other vehicle also had a suspended drivers license and is facing 51 years or life in jail.

Jared Weaver draws Nick Adenhart's initial into the mound.

Jared Weaver draws Nick Adenhart’s initial into the mound.

In honor of his memory, Jared Weaver, a close friend of Adenhart’s, draws his initials on the mound every time before he goes to pitch. On top of that, the Angels have reitred his number and placed an image of him on the wall in the outfield.

In probably one of the best way of honoring someone, Weaver and his wife named their first child, a boy, Aden. It was confirmed via the Angel’s twitter account that this was to honor Adenhart:


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