In First Game As Coach, Jason Kidd Gets A Technical

Jason Kidd messes up during first game as an NBA head coach.

Jason Kidd messes up during first game as an NBA head coach.

The NBA summer league is full of the newest players from the NBA both drafted and undrafted as well as players from the D-league and random players who recieve invitations from teams. While the talent level is certainly much lower than that of the NBA, it gives a chance for organizations to give a look a potential fringe members of their rosters.

It also gives new coaches a great insight to their players or to the coaching position.  While last season it may have been strange to hear future hall-of-famer Jason Kidd and the summer league in the same sentence, it now makes perfect sense. In his first season as an NBA head coach, he has decided to turn to the D-league in order to avoid possible bumps in the road when the games count.

In his first game, he has already made a mistake

The great Jason Kidd was handed a technically foul after he decided to go to half-court to argue a foul call. While as a player this would be a common and acceptable practice, leaving the coach’s box is not allowed.

It happens,” Kidd said of the technical. “I learned quickly where the coaching box is. I’ve seen some coaches on the other end of the floor, so I can’t follow their lead.”

While Jason Kidd said he was not nervous during his first game, he did admit that he would be leaning on his staff a lot. Especially Lawrence Frank, who is the league’s highest paid assistant coach. In fact, Kidd was seen watching Frank draw up plays in the huddle and acted like a player, while Frank was the coach.

This has sparked some conspiracy theorists in believing that Frank is the coach and Kidd is the headliner. While I do doubt it, I won’t discredit it, yet. It will be interesting to see how the former player- coach relationship between the two transitions to head coach – assistant throughout the season.


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