Video: Anderson Silva Loses To Chris Weidman

Anderson Silva loses to Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva loses to Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva has long been considered one of the the most dominant forces in all of sports. Hacing compiled a record of 33-4 throughout his illustrious career, Anderson has earned the respect of all fighters and UFC fans alike.

ONe of the most endearing things about Silva is his ability to dominate fights, yet fight with a cockiness. He has consistently taunted opponents by showing them where to hit him and then daring them to do so. He fights with his hands down, which is considered to be a very poor technique, and instead resorts to dodging punches.

On this night, fighting the relatively young Chris Weidman, 9-0, from Long Island New York, Silva appeared to be on his way to extending his 17 fight win streak.

This however proved not to be the case as Chris Weidman was taunted and tantalized by Silva. However, during the second round, Weidman was able to land a few punches and knock Anderson Silva to the ground.

While I have found Silva’s fighting style to be extremely entertaining, I do enjoy watching a cocky guy being put in his place. It also does not hurt that the guy was an American, who was prodded on by USA chants by the Las Vegas crowd.

In typical UFC fashion, the fights leading up to the bout were not very interesting, but the major upset of SIlva, one of the greatest fighters to grace this sport, was definitely must watch-TV.

Check out the finishing move by Weidman here:


4 thoughts on “Video: Anderson Silva Loses To Chris Weidman

  1. The white guy showed him who the real man was. White guys are always tougher then splibs That is why they carry guns. Because they know who the real men are.

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