NFL Considering Banning Academically Ineligible Players


The NFL is considering changing a policy regarding athletes with bad grades.

The NFL is considering changing a policy regarding athletes with bad grades.

The NFL is undoubtedly the king of all professional sports leagues. So why does the league at the top always want to change? Have they ever heard of, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Changing the rules on how players should be hit and amending the gear to be ensure the safety and long term health of its players is certainly understandable. In fact, it would be commendable if the league had taken the initiative to do this instead of just reacting to a lawsuit, but I digress.

A new policy change that the NFL could possibly make could severely cripple the amount of talent that comes to the NFL. According to Bruce Feldman of, “The NFL is considering not inviting players who are academically ineligible in college to the scouting combine, a league source told”

While it is not clear how many members of this past year’s combine would have not been able to attend the event, it is estimated that a sizable group would have been missing.

This consideration is most likely to the perception that the league has many players that are immature or unable to meet the level of their commitments to teams.

While there have certainly been players that have had issues, this is most likely in response to the Aaron Hernandez saga.

The issue I have with such a policy is that just because a student is either lazy with their academics or simply can not handle to course work, does not mean they are also bad characters and can commit crimes. It is also folly to think that smart people, or people who can meet the academic requirements set forth by the NFL are good characters. This sort of policy seems to be leaning too much on stereotypes.

An alternative policy could be NFL conducted background checks and making ineligibility requirements based on arrests/credit defaults etc. Then you can have a appeals process where these prospects can justify/defend their actions and records.


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