Chipper Jones Disses Angel Hernandez Via Twitter

Chipper Jones calls out MLB umpire Angel Hernandez via Twitter.

Chipper Jones calls out MLB umpire Angel Hernandez via Twitter.

Refs and umpires alike often get face more criticisms then the players do. If a player makes an error, misses a shot, or makes a turnover that results in a loss that is one thing. But if a ref makes a bad call (i.e. Packers vs Seahawks or Armando Gallaraga’s ruined perfect game) it makes national headlines and is talked about for weeks. Policy changes regarding instant/video replay are suggested, death threats are issued, and dunce caps are bestowed upon these officials.

There are a few of these people who actually deserve it. Lets face it, in the “real world”, if you do not perform you get fired. By now, Angel Hernandez should have been fired five times over. Sports talk shows, sports radio, and fans hate Angel Hernandez. Every game that I have seen with him, commentators and players are quick to jump allover him, and for good reason.

However, there have been very few instances, if any, of  any players speaking out against him. Chipper Jones on the other hand, changed that via twitter yesterday.

As a diehard Mets Fan, it is tough for me to admit this, but I have a lot of respect for Chipper Jones. Despite my distate for him for naming his son Shea after the Mets old stadium and dominated the Mets, you have to appreciate his stats as well as his frankness. He has show respect for Harvey and Wheeler before and said something that everyone thinks but no one has said. Kudos to your Chipper Jones.


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