Dwight Howard To Houston

Dwight Howard will not return to L.A., and looks to sign with Houston.

Dwight Howard will not return to L.A., and looks to sign with Houston.

I remember thinking the Lebron James decision was difficult to predict. Reports had him to L.A. to New York to Cleveland, any place with the cap room. He also was the first person to have his own tv show about where he was going on the infamous, “The Decision“.

Now, Dwight Howard has appeared to top this, more than once, in his departure from Orlando, there were many rumors of him being traded and if he even wanted to leave. On top of that, he was having issues with his coach, Stan Van Gundy.

Now with the L.A. Lakers, who were highly regarded as one of the most talented teams on paper absolutely floundered, get knocked out from the playoffs in the first round. Even though the relationship between Howard and the Laker faithful was often contentious, #StayD12 billboards and posters could be found across the city.

Despite this, Howard has officially decided to not return to L.A. and appears to be moving to Houston. This did not come without its controversy as USA Today had reported earlier today that he made a final decision to go to Houston. This was then refuted by Howard’s agent over twitter, but now it appears that the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks are going to make a trade, which would allow for Howard to go to Houston.

While the deal is not official, we do know that Howard is not returning to L.A.:




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