Jeff Driskel, UF Quarterback, Reportedly Signs With The Red Sox

Jeff Driskel reportedly Signed With The Sox

Jeff Driskel reportedly Signed With The Sox

People might know Jeff Driskel as the University of Florida’s starting quarterback. This season coming up, Driskel is set to be a junior and once again be the Gators’ quarterback. Now, people might need to starting referring to him as the Red Sox center fielder. 

The MLB draft this year took place from June 6th to the 8th. In the 29th round of the draft, Boston went ahead and drafted the Florida quarterback from Oviedo, Florida. Football players being drafter is not that uncommon. Last year, the Red Sox took University of Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson and Arizona State linebacker Brandon Magee. Also, Jake Locker was selected in the draft along with Colin Kaepernick. Most football players refuse offers from the MLB teams, but some MLB teams hope they can convince a couple of players to sign. According to numerous reports, Jeff Driskel decided to sign with the Red Sox recently. However, there are still some that doubt he did sign and that this might be a false rumor. I can see either side turning out true. Driskel did tweet back in June that he would not sign.

Driskel is only 21 years old and has a couple of choices he can make. If Jeff actually did sign with Boston, it is said that he can still play at Florida for his junior year. That is a huge relief for Gator fans; losing their starting quarterback would be tragic. Also, being able to play benefits Driskel. He can play out his junior year, enter the NFL Draft, see where he is selected, and decide which sport he wants to pursue (or he can choose both sports). It is going to be interesting to see what happens from all these different rumors.


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