Jason Kidd Reacts To First Practice As A Head Coach

Jason Kidd, Brooklyn Nets Head Coach, hosts his first NBA practice.

Jason Kidd, Brooklyn Nets Head Coach, hosts his first NBA practice.

Jason Kidd returns to the franchise where he had his best years, the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets. While his on the court accolades and leadership abilities as a player rank among the best in the history of the NBA, he is unproven as a head coach.

He has not coached a high school team nor a college team, which in combination with his history of off the court issues, are the cause of the doubt surrounding Kidd. While I do admit that the off the field do cause some worry, albeit a small amount, he commands respect when he walks into a room and is regarded as a basketball genius.

There will be hiccups at various points during the season, but I believe that Kidd will prove to be an asset at the coaching position.

With all of this being said, Kidd has officially begun his coaching career as he hosted his first official practice.

“I guess holding the whistle might be the weirdest thing,” Kidd said to ESPN. “Normally, as a player, you’re out there competing trying to win and get better, so that’s probably the weirdest part is just holding the whistle all practice.”

While the norm is to have an assistant coach the summer league, Kidd is looking to gain some game experience by doing so this summer. Another thing working Kidd’s way, is having his former head coach, Lawrence Frank, as his lead assistant:

“It’s been great. He’s a guy I can lean on, ask him any question, he pretty much has all the answers. I’m happy he’s on board. He’s been a head coach in this league, he’s been an assistant so he understands what it takes to be successful. I’m very lucky to have a special guy like that.”

Kidd will be tested and tried this season, so he will need all of the assistance that he can get.



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