Bill Simmons Feud With Doc Rivers Is Heating Up

Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons exchange insults.

Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons exchange insults.

Doc Rivers and NBA Analyst Bill Simmons are fighting…unfortunately not hand to word, which Rivers would absolutely clock the diminutive Simmons. Rather this conflict it more catty, turning into a tweet for tweet, interview to interview welter-weight bout.

Bill Simmons is accusing Doc Rivers of “quitting on the Celtics” and was  a key cog in the machine that led to his departure. Here is a video clip featuring an interview with Doc Rivers and Simmons’ reaction on air during the 2013 NBA Draft:

Once Simmons declares “once he sticks to the truth, I will believe him”, you can see the other reporters at the table kind of go “Oh shit”, and just let Simmons take over.

On Twitter, Simmons did not relent, as he even went with Rivers’ first name, Glenn:

Bill Simmons sounds off on Doc Rivers

Bill Simmons sounds off on Doc Rivers

Look for me, to say that Doc Rivers “quit” on the Celtics is not entirely true. While it is certain that the new path that the organization was going to take was rebuilding, it is not fair to say that Rivers ditched the franchise.

The organization went one way, different than anything Rivers had experienced while a Celtic, and he did not like the change. With rumors that Garnett and Pierce would be on their way out, along with the ability to move to a franchise that is playoff bound, it is perfectly reasonable to want to go to the Clippers.

Also Simmons comes off nothing more than a winy little child. Not just because of his voice, but he makes accusations based on only part of the story. He is acting like any die-hard fan (he is a big time Celtics fan) that has a lot passion for their team, which results in more emotional based reactions than logic based.


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