Nets And Celtics Discussing Blockbuster Trade

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce Possibly Headed To Brooklyn

Today, rumors came in that the Nets and Celtics were discussing a trade. The trade happened to include Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. This trade is the biggest trade rumor of all the trades that are being talked about with the draft. The trade would send Pierce and Garnett to the Nets with the Nets sending over Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Tomike Shenglia, and 3 future 1st round picks.

To me, this trade works out for both teams. The Celtics are now in rebuilding mode. The have no chance with a title anymore with the departure of Ray Allen last year and the aging of Pierce and Garnett, not to mention the loss of Doc Rivers. In order to rebuild, the C’s need to clear up some cap space and get rid of their old players. Pierce and Garnett’s contracts are too high for the Celtics and need to go. Also, the 3 future first round picks are huge for rebuilding. They get three young players that could potentially turn into all-stars.

For the Nets, they get some missing pieces that they need for a championship. Just picture this starting lineup: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez. Are you kidding me? That is an all-star team by itself. With new coach Jason Kidd, there should be no reason why they should not succeed. I can see the bandwagon fans coming already. I don’t see why Garnett would use his no-trade clause to stop the trade. This is a perfect situation for him. This is the best way he can succeed with this team. It’s going to be interesting what happens in the near future with this deal.


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