Ray Rice May Split Carries With Bernard Pierce

Bernard Pierce may split the carries with Ray Rice.

Bernard Pierce may split the carries with Ray Rice.

Ray Rice has been an absolute stud for the Baltimore Ravens. While coming into the draft, people were wary of picking a very small running back playing against the weaker defenses of the Big East, the Ravens took a leap of faith and selected him.

Rice has paid their faith back with dominance. He has rushed for over 1,200 yards for each of the past four seasons and has scored 33 TDs over that same span. Not to mention his conversion of a 4th and 29, which helped spring the Ravens to the Superbowl Title.

Watch this video here:

With his importance unquestioned , it may be wise to protect Ray Rice from injury and to keep him fresh for the postseason.

This is exactly why Coach Harbaugh has in mind. With a talented second back in Bernard Pierce, the Ravens may give him a larger role. Rice would still be the feature back, as Pierce would act as a change-of-pace type. This of course is pending the effectiveness of Pierce, but, it is good to see that the Ravens are accepting the reality of running-backs that log a lot of miles.


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