Xbox One DRM Policy Changes

Xbox One Policy Changes

Xbox One Policy Changes

One month ago, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One and with it came some unsettling news, Xbox One would be a DRM nightmare. However, the consumers have spoken with their money and Microsoft finally listened. Microsoft announced that all of those methods implemented for the purpose of killing used games sales are no longer going to be a part of Xbox One.

The new policy changes include:

  • Signing onto Xbox Live every 24 hours in order to play games will not be required
  • Signing onto Xbox Live is required when setting up the Xbox One for the first time
  • Game discs can be traded in at retail stores
  • Lending disc-based games to friends will have no restriction
  • Disc-based games will require the disc to play

To be honest I wasn’t expecting Microsoft to do something like this with all of the talk about how the constant internet connection was supposed to make the experience “better”. Admitting that it isn’t actually necessary would mean admitting that they were trying to trick us from the beginning.

I expect the pre-order numbers to change for the better for Xbox One ,but the damage has already been done. This policy change didn’t come from Microsoft listening to the their fans, it comes from the recent release of pre-order numbers. The PS4 was dominating, even the Dualshock 4 controller had more pre-orders than the Xbox One on Amazon. Microsoft really had no choice if they wanted to remain competitive in a market with the cheaper PS4.

We have seen how the hubris from the success of one console can make a company arrogant with Sony and the launch of the PS3. I’m glad Microsoft has already realized that the success of the Xbox 360 isn’t enough to carry the Xbox One. This console war has definitely become a lot more interesting now.

Personally, I don’t buy hardware at launch because I like to wait until the initial issues, such as the red ring of death and PS3’s ridiculous launch price and lack of good games, have been fixed. Having said that, I’m more excited for the PS4 since its exclusives are more appealing to me.


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