Heat Fans Have No Faith At Game 6

Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early

Manu Ginobili hit a free throw with 28 seconds left in the 4th quarter to put the San Antonio Spurs up 5 points to the Miami Heat. It looked like the game was over. With the time left on the clock, there was no way the Heat could manage a comeback. That is what most of the fans at the game were thinking. Because of their thoughts, a large number of Heat fans decided they wanted to leave the game to “beat traffic” or whatever poor excuse they had. There is a video below of Ginobili hitting the free throw, and when you look in the background of every angle the cameras are on, there a fans in line waiting to leave the arena.


Chris Bosh Publicly Criticizes Fans

How ridiculous is this? I think these “Heat” fans should be ashamed of themselves. I put the quotes around Heat because those people are not real fans. A real fan is someone who sticks with their team through the highs and the lows. Leaving a basketball game with about 30 seconds and only 2 possessions needed to tie the game is absurd. I think Chris Bosh was thinking the same thing last night.

Bosh came out and said, “For all those guys who left, don’t come back for Game 7.” Strong words from a quiet Bosh. He is exactly right, though. If you are a player, why would you want people, not fans, at the game who do not believe in you and your team. Chris Bosh did the right thing in criticizing his fans, and hopefully, there will be real fans at the game Thursday night that will stay the whole night.


One thought on “Heat Fans Have No Faith At Game 6

  1. I get leaving a regular season early. Especially if the game is not close, you may want to beat the traffic home, which is perfectly understandable. But an playoff game? An elimination game? A championship games that is that close? If I paid that kind of money for a game, I am waiting until the end. That game was unlikely, but you do not leave. I am really happy they did not let the fans back in. Maybe it will teach these Miami “fans” a lesson.

    Also brings me to another point, the prices are so expensive that it drives out the real fans. These people are there for the social status of being at a finals game, not because they love the sport or the team (generalization of course there are fans that attended that live and breath Heat basketball, but you catch my drift). It is very sad to see fans getting priced out of games.

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