Chad Johnson Being Released From Prison

Chad Johnson Is Being Released From Jail

Chad Johnson is being released from jail today. Johnson was sentenced to 30 days in prison for slapping his attorney in the behind during a hearing. The judge thought it was immature and that Johnson was not taking things seriously. “Ochocinco” was in court because he skipped a meeting with his probation officer, which is a big deal. 

So, why is Chad being released only one week into his sentence? It is reported that Johnson went to the judge that sent him to jail and apologized for his actions. The judge thought it was meaningful and lifted the sentence. I thought Johnson found out what jail really was like and did not want to be there. One of his good friends and former teammate, Terrell Owens, went to jail to visit his friend. Owens sent out a couple of tweets about the jail. He basically said that county jail was not somewhere anyone wanted to be, and that it was horrible. I believe Johnson felt that way too, and that is why he went and apologized, which led to his releasing.


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