Bills Mario Williams: “Don’t Go Home And Eat Doritos”

Mario Williams tells teammates not to eat Doritos before NFL training camp.

Mario Williams, Bills DE, warns teammates to not eat Doritos.

Mario Williams signed the largest contract with in the history of the NFL. The deal is worth 100 million dollars and only a desperate, desperate franchise would give that to him. He can thank the Buffalo Bills for that one.

Known as one of the premier pass rushers and overall great defensive end, Mario Williams commands a lot of respect in the clubhouse. With the ending of mini camp, and the following 6 weeks hiatus from football team activities, players must be careful. During this time they are able to go and do whatever they want, but to often, players lose sight of the NFL season and their conditioning.

Well, Mario Williams gave his team a clear message:

“This is not vacation time. You can take a trip or whatever. That’s fine. But this six weeks that everybody has is not just go home and eat Doritos.”

Yes, Bills players, whatever you do, do not eat Doritos


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