David Cornwell Commits To Alabama

Top QB, David Cornwell, commits to play college football for Alabama University.

David Cornwell commits to Alabama University.

A few moments ago, the top rated pocket-passing quarterback, David Cornwell, committed to the University Of Alabama. after waiting for Jacob Park, another highly toted QB prospect, to make his choice either Alabama or Georgia. When Park cose Georgia, Cornwell stepped up and committed to Alabama.

This was a smart decision to wait as both players want to start and get as much playing time as basebal. Had both committed to the same place, there would have been a serious amount of competition in the way of their starting and potential NFL careers.

Interestingly enough, Cornwell will be a member of the class of 2014 as he requested a fifth year of high school eligibility due to “hardship”. This is the highest rated QB taken by Alabama in the Nick Saban era,  and it will be interesting to see how everything turns out.

Here are some high-school highlights from the 6’5 QB:


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