Chris Bosh Flops Pretty Badly

Chris Bosh Flops To Cause Turnover

Last night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, there was a flop that changed the momentum for one team. The Spurs had the ball and Gary Neal took it to the basket. Tim Duncan was right next to Neal and sort of boxed Chris Bosh out of the play. Chris Bosh, dramatically, flailed up in the air and drew a foul, causing a turnover. This play took away 2 points for the Spurs and gave the Heat some momentum. The play clearly was a flop, but I think if Bosh did not go up in the air, there still should of been a foul. Either way, it was a clear flop, and Bosh might be expected a fine for doing so.

Chris Bosh Flops


One thought on “Chris Bosh Flops Pretty Badly

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