Former Bengals Coach, Marvin Lewis, Feels Bad For Chad Johnson

Marvin Lewis feels bad for Chad Johnson.

Marvin Lewis expresses sorrow towards former player Chad Johnson’s woes.

As Chad Johnson’s coach for a long period of time, it is fairly safe to say that Marvin Lews knows Johnson pretty well.

Lewis has admitted to trying to give the controversial advice on every aspect of his life.

When it came to marriage, Marvin Lewis had some trepidation with Chad Johnson’s ability to take things seriously.

“I said, ‘You better come talk to me.’ Then I go downstairs during the lunch break, and he had professed to the world he was getting married. I went out to him during stretching and said, ‘Chad, this is no joke. You don’t play with this.’”

He also advised Johnson in regards to possible employment at ESPN, he again reminded Chad that it was time to grow up. “I tried to explain to him that you can’t be a clown anymore”.

Unfortenately for Chad, he went against Lewis’s advise and ever since has seen then, he has seen his life take a turn for the worse. Following a court hearing where he slapped his attorney on the butt (video here) and was sentenced to 30 days in prison (more in depth here), Marvin Lewis again felt nothing but sorrow for his former player.

“I just feel sorry for him. It’s a shame because I heard that the attorney said something about, ‘Aren’t you going to thank me?’ It was just a natural reaction. “I know when Chad’s being a clown. And that wasn’t it. He didn’t do what he did to get anyone to laugh. That was just a natural reaction from Chad, and it’s a shame.”

Regardless, Johnson never grew up and he has paid dearly for it.


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