Desean Jackson’s Documentary Features Father’s Terrifying Tactics

Desean Jackson's documentary reveals crazy tactics employed by Father.

Desean Jackson’s documentary reveals troubled childhood.

It is remarkable to hear the background stories of the world’s biggest athletes  From humble beginnings to family struggles to, athlete’s documentaries are often very entertaining and inspiring. The reason for this is that athletes that have compelling “rags-to-riches” story-lines symbolize the social mobility that attracted people form all over the world to this country in the first place.

Desean Jackson is no different. While his work ethic and passion for the game of football has been questioned as a pro, after reading about his documentary and seeing the trailer, I have become far more sympathetic towards Jackson.

In an interview with Jim Rome, Jackson talked about the various techniques his father would employ to increase his performance. One of the more terrifying strategies was tying a tennis ball with a rope to Jackson’s leg and having his aunt’s dog chase after him. He would also not be allowed to eat if the dog caught him.

While Jackson’s father may have had good intentions, success and monetary wealth for his son, he crossed the line. Desean was pushed to his limits and now has a hard time dealing with being a professional athlete.

Here is the trailer for the documentary, which was filmed over the course of 17 years:


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