Darnell Dockett’s Crazy Facemask

Darnell Dockett’s Crazy Facemask

3 days ago, I put up a picture of some new facemasks the Arizona Wildcats would be using during their season. These face masks featured the team’s logo on them, without interfering with the players’ vision on the field. Now, take at look at Darnell Dockett’s new facemask that he showed off at his team’s fan fest. I believe this kind of facemask design first came from one of my favorite players, Justin Tuck. Tuck has that kind of facemask because he said it would prevent other players from grabbing his facemask and jerking him around. Dockett’s facemask looks a lot more badass. He decided to one up Tuck and put a visor on mask. For some reason, the whole helmet makes me think of Bane from the Batman movie. Well anyways, I thought it would be cool to put up a picture of the facemask to share.


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