Clemson’s Howard’s Rock Vandalized

Howard's Rock of Clemson University legend Frank Howard.

Howard’s Rock of Clemson University was vandalized.

Merely days after the infamous Auburn Tree killer was released from prison (Updyke released from prison), a new case of college sports vandalism has occurred.

At Memorial Stadium, the home of Clemson University, is a rock on a pedestal. It was placed there after legendary coach Frank Howard recieved it as a gift from a friend. His friend found it

Frank Howard with Howard's Rock.

Frank Howard standing next to Howard’s Rock at Clemson University.

in Death Valley and while it was originally used as a door stop in the Howard’s room, it was eventually placed on a pedestal prior to the 1966 season.

The opening game was a thriller, as Clemson rallied from 18 points down against Virginia. From that point foward, players would rub the rock and then run onto the field. What adds to the Howard’s Rock legend is this quote from the coach “Give me 110 percent or keep your filthy hands off of my rock”.

Despite attempts by the University of South Carolina to steal the rock, which is now routinely guarded by Clemson ROTC prior to ever South Carolina vs Clemson hold game, the rock has remained in the same spot and in one piece. This all changed on June 2, 2013.

A large piece of the rock is missing and the protective plastic case surrounding the rock was found on the ground. Police estimate the damages are around $500 and have obtained a partial finger print from the casing. In a statement by the AD, “We take vandalism, especially of such an important part of our history, very seriously.” The investigation is on going.


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