NBA Bandwagon Fans Are Exposed

One Of The Fans That Was Interviewed

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel showed a video of Miami natives being interviewed. However, it wasn’t a typical interview. These fans were asked questions that weren’t true at all and gave players fake names. The fans, though, did not even think about and believed everything the interviewer said. It makes me furious when people say they are a fan of a team, yet no nothing about their “favorite” team. This just shows that there are always going to be fans jumping the bandwagon.

Also a week ago, Jimmy did the same thing, only to Laker fans. They interviewed Los Angeles natives and asked how the Lakers were going to do in the Finals (the Lakers aren’t in the Finals). All these people had no idea they were eliminated and kept answering questions like they actually knew the answers.


4 thoughts on “NBA Bandwagon Fans Are Exposed

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  2. Only one problem, Kimmel did the same thing on South Beach with self-proclaimed Spurs Fans – SAME RESULT. But the clip is conspicuously missing from your blog.

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