Greg Popovich: Hilarious Interview During Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

Greg Popvich interview with Doris Burke during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Greg Popovich refuses to answers Doris Burke question in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Absolutely funny.

Greg Popovich is known as one of the best coaches on the NBA circuit. He has had a group of veterans stick together for a long time, harness the concept of team basketball, and year in and year out, be one of the most successful teams in the league.

Greg Popovich is also known for another thing, his interviews. While most coaches in the league answer questions to the best of their ability, Popovich deliberately is short with the media. Every single interview with him is great.

How do you think Doris Burke faired during a Game 3 court-side interview? Just as well as you would expect:


On a serious note, Pop does bring an interesting point. When asked what he his plans were to stop Lebron, he replied “I can’t tell you that”. Not only do I love the awkwardness of the moment, but you also have to wonder why other coaches do not do answers similar questions the way he did. Why would coaches reveal plans for the rest of the game on national TV? It happens almost every game, and you have to think that someone is watching and telling the opposition.

Either way, I really really enjoyed this interview.


One thought on “Greg Popovich: Hilarious Interview During Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

  1. I laughed quite hard when I saw this interview. To answer your question, I think most coaches will just give general answers to questions, or answers that everyone already knows.
    I love the blog though! I’ll be following it for sure.

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