Diamondbacks, Dodgers Will Open Season

Diamondbacks vs Dodgers In Australia To Open 2014 MLB Season.

Diamondbacks vs Dodgers in Australia To Open 2014 MLB Season.

In an effort to expand the game of baseball on the international scale, MLB has announced that the Diamondbacks and Dodgers will open the 2014 MLB Season in Australia.

The timing is very interesting in that there were two bench clearings the night before, one of which turned into a brawl (See video here).

I understand the thought process in that it makes business sense, but it does not make baseball sense. To have teams travel that distance especially considering the jet lag, it will effect those teams. Having to play 162 games in a season mean that there are very few extended breaks, maybe 2 games in a row if you are very lucky.

Thus, there is very little time to recover from such an event, and this can really cause a negative impact on a team.

Either way, MLB and other sports are moving towards globalization to earn all the money they can.


One thought on “Diamondbacks, Dodgers Will Open Season

  1. The game dates are 22 and 23 March. The players are young, fit athletes and they’ll be just fine for their US season openers. It’s great that the MLB organisation has a broad vision. Baseball in Australia has been benefiting from this for a while now and this announcement will only enhance that. And who knows…maybe a future HoF player will be in the crowd, inspired by the game and the skill of these players. I for one am excited about the game coming to my hometown of Sydney and getting the opportunity to see the best in the game, live.

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