Guillermo From Jimmy Kimmel Live Tries To Interview LeBron

Guillermo with Jimmy Kimmel

For those who don’t know, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is a late night talk show that airs almost every night. Jimmy Kimmel is very famous worldwide for his show. Guillermo is a big part of Jimmy’s show and is known for his broken English and his funny personality. In this video, Guillermo is trying to interview LeBron James while he is practicing. Guillermo tried the same thing last year during the finals, and James responded to him. This time, Guillermo received no answers from James. He was just trying to get his attention at some point. He said “LeBron” 51 times before James walked off the court. Watch the video and you will be cracking up. (Also check out these other hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Clips Lie Witness News Spurs and Lie Witness News Heat)


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