Chad Johnson’s Lawyer Seeks Reduction In Sentence

Chad Johnson slaps attorney's butt.

Chad Johnson slaps attorney’s butt in court proceedings.

In a post yesterday, I shared a link of Chad Johnson slapping his lawyer on the butt open hearing a favorable sentence. Here is that link in case you have not seen the video:

Chad Johnson Slaps Butt Of Attorney

Due to his action, he received a 30-Day sentence in jail, rather than community service that the bargain with the prosecution and his attorney had. Obviously, his attorney wants to seek a shortened sentence. Here is his thoughts on the events:

“Mr. Johnson has been a professional football player in the National Football League for 11 years and patting another individual on the backside is viewed as a sign of respect and gratitude”.

“It is clear that the court misinterpreted Mr. Johnson’s interaction with his attorney.”

He goes onto say that the laughter caused by the slapping of the butt should not be used to punish Johnson, as he can not control what other people do.

While I do agree that if you isolate this incident, that this act alone was being punished by a 30-Day jail sentence, this ruling would be a joke. It would reveal to me that the young, female judge would have had a bias towards Chad Johnson.

However, lets remember why this grade-A jackass is here in the first place. He was charged with battery of his fiance. Battery, not stealing a snickers from 7-11, not flipping the finger to some fan, but physically harming another human being, a woman and someone he is supposed to love and protect.

Chad Johnson reaction to NFL fines.

Chad Johnson acts like a juvenile…again

Not only is this a despicable act, but then at a court proceedings he does something like that. Despite the crap that the lawyer spewed, Chad Johnson thinks he is above everything. He changed his name to Ocho Cinco, he has violated various NFL regulations, and has acted anything but professional.

If Joe Shmoe, with a history of being a trouble-maker, went in there and did that, no judge would be merciful. Especially considering the nature of the action that got him there in the first place.

Chad Johnson is a joke and he should be taught a lesson. Have fun being somebody’s “buddy” in the state penitentiary.


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