Ireland and Spain square off in match at Yankee Stadium

Ireland and Spain face off in a match in Yankee Stadium

Ireland vs Spain, field view

With World Cup Qualifiers around the corner, this game has importance as Spain and Ireland face off.

Being that Spain is a power house in the world of soccer, if Ireland wins, the team can gain a great deal of confidence heading into the more important games. Not to mention that the European Champions are undefeated in their last 21 contests, with their last defeat coming in 2011 against England.

If Ireland wins, it will be only their fifth win against Spain out of 25. The last time the win against “La Roja” was in April of 1989, on the heels of a Spanish own goal. While they only lost 14 of these match-ups, it still is an important game.

While some may label the venue, Yankee Stadium, as strange for a European soccer match.  I am not surprised. Soccer will happen more frequently at Yankees Stadium. as Yankees ownership is partnering with Manchester United in bringing another soccer franchise to New York. They are trying to expand the sports popularity, so this game makes sense for the Yanks and for the sport of soccer, whose final frontier appears the United States.


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