Nike’s New Ad With Tiger

Ever since Tiger Woods’ incident in late 2009, I feel sponsors were scared and on the edge about using Tiger for ads and commercials. Companies knew people and families were disappointed and angered with Tiger and his decisions. Right after the Tiger scandal was found out, it seemed like Woods was distracted on the golf course, and he even lost his #1 ranking. A few years have past, and Tiger is back on top winning events. He is a whole new person, and Nike decided to put out a new commercial with him. The commercial shows him golfing with countless distractions with him, but he is a new man. In the end, it shows him making his put, and the screen says, “THE NEW TW ’14,” while having a close up on his shoes. The main purpose of the commercial is to promote his new golfing shoes, but I think it says something else too. It could be saying that he is a new Tiger Woods that is ready to win again. Also, I believe Nike is trying to compare golf to other main sports like boxing, basketball, and baseball. Nike wants to promote golf as a main sport. You tell me.


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