NBA Live Making A Comeback

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving Will Be Cover Athlete For NBA Live 14


Today, June 10th, E3 was held in California. E3 is mainly a convention that reveals new gaming systems and its features along with games that come along with them. Part of the EA portion was dedicated to NBA Live 14. No, I do not mean NBA 2k14. NBA Live is finally coming back. NBA Live was definitely my favorite game growing up. Playing as Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady was my ultimate backcourt. Then came the 2K series. NBA 2K began to grow and was gaining popularity and respect. Everyone started to shift over that way, even me.

After NBA Live 10, EA stopped creating NBA Live. I think they knew along with everyone else that they could not compete with NBA 2K. 2K just had the better graphics and gameplay. Then, there was a rumor last year that EA was coming back with NBA Live 13. I was pretty excited about the game coming back. There were also a couple of videos of gameplay from the new game, and I have to say, it was horrible. The graphics were comical. You can see gameplay from NBA Live 13 below.

Thankfully, EA decided to cancel the game because I think they knew they would not get good reviews and could not compete with 2K. Now with NBA Live 14, EA is working with new systems like the Xbox One and the PS4. Hopefully the new game will turn out with great graphics and gameplay. At E3, EA had their cover athlete, Kyrie Irving, explain the new physics with dribbling called BounceTek, where the ball is separate from the hands and can create great moves. Here are videos of the game trailer and Kyrie Irving at E3. I really hope NBA Live can come back to where they used to be.


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