Jason Kidd May Coach For The Nets

In a career in which he lead the league in assists five times, had 10 All-Star appearances, 3 Finals Appearances, and one championship over 19 years, Jason Kidd decided to retire after being eliminated in the playoffs as a New York Knick.

This move was not very surprising as his performance was woeful throughout the postseason. While he was a good passer and would often get clutch steals, his shooting was off and his scoring was non existant.

While the normal course for players after retirement is to take a few years off, get involved with media outlets, or other activities, Kidd has decided to take a different route.

In what was supposed to be an open discussion about employment with the Nets, Kidd attempted to persuade Billy King into giving him the head coaching position. While his history with the franchise and personal accolades would make him qualified for the position, his lack of formal coaching experience act as the snags in this potential blockbuster move.

After watching him play as a Knicks fan, I often witnessed Kidd lending advice to younger guys, talking strategy, and read analyses and reports about how the Knick players viewed him as a second coach and respected him. Often, Woodson would admit how he loved to have a coach on the floor.

To me, this indicates that Kidd does have what it takes to be a successful coach. Of course, with the lack of experience being a head coach there may be some bumps in the road, but he has also played exceptionally well for 19 years at a position that is similar to a field general.

Another factor is that Deron Williams would have respect for Kidd as a legendary player. Williams has had problems with getting along with coaches in the past, and this is believed to be a leading cause behind the firing of Avery Johnson.

While upon hearing this, it does sound strange. But when you extrapolate his career accolades, his responsibilities as a player, and the respect he garners, Jason Kidd as a coach does not sound like a bad idea. In fact, in sounds like a good one.


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