Brandon McCarthy Has Seizure, One Year After Getting Hit In The Head

It is not uncommon for young, highly talented athletes, that have the capability of playing multiple sports in college or professionally, basing their sports choice on its safety. The safer the sport, the longer the career, and the more money they can make. However, I feel this inaccurately portrays the true nature of these sports.For instance, baseball has very little physical contact and thus is considered a relatively safe sport.

This does not mean that the sport is safe, only that is safer in comparison to contact intensive sports like american football. Over the course of the past few years, there have been various incidents in which pitchers are getting hit in the head by line drives. Besides fracturing bones, they are also exposed to concussions and brain injury, the main focal point of controversy in the NFL.

As well all know, the potential long term effects of such head injuries are devastating  often resulting in fast deterioration of athletes leading to premature deaths. While examples of these effects are easy to find in the NFL, that is not the case with the MLB.

This was until last week, when Brandon McCarthy had a seizure after being struck by a pitch in the head on September 5th, 2012. Check out the video:

After J.A. Happ got struck on the head earlier this season I wrote this article about what baseball should do to protect its pitchers:


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