Bobcats Might Trade Fourth Overall Pick For….Bosh?

The pressure to win and to get larger profit margins can drive teams be very very desperate. If this is not the reason and the Bobcats front office actually thinks this would be a good move, then this may be one of the dumbest things I have ever read about and will ever write about.

With cap room being available this offseason, the Bobcats are looking to go from bottom feeder to “contender”. While it is reported that they believe the ideal way is to build through the core, the administration believes they need a face of the franchise, which could be Bosh. The finances do make sense in that the Bobcats will have the room for a near max contract, although the reasoning would not.


3 thoughts on “Bobcats Might Trade Fourth Overall Pick For….Bosh?

  1. To me, Chris Bosh is the player that a team need to add to take them from playoff contender to championship contender. The Bobcats are nowhere near that level yet.

    • I can’t disagree with that. He is an unselfish big man that can shoot a good jump shot. Pretty Good passer as well. He is a very good complimentary play, not the cornerstone of a franchise as you alluded too.

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