Fathead Problems

One Patriot fan probably had one of the worst and most disappointing days of his life. This fan ordered a Fathead expecting it to be one of quarterback Tom Brady. Instead, when he got that package and ran inside to quickly rip it open, he did not get what he was expecting. The guy, who’s name seems to be David, opens up his package and sees a poster of the infamous Tim Tebow.

tim tebow fathead

Not exactly what he was looking for I imagine. There are some pretty big differences between the two quarterbacks. Tim Tebow’s only noticeable game was his playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he was on the Denver Broncos. He led the team to an overtime win with a pass to Demaryius Thomas. Tom Brady has a little bit of a more prestigious career: 2 time NFL MVP, 8 Pro Bowls, 3 time NFL Champion, and 2 time Super Bowl MVP. Nothing major though.

How Fathead got the two players mixed up? That’s the million dollar question. If I was David, I would be pretty aggravated. He waited days for one of his favorite players Fatheads and ended up with a currently unemployed athletes poster. There was some upside for David, however. When Fathead found out about this terrible mistake, they sure made it up to him. They sent him all 13 Fatheads that they make of Tom Brady. I’m sure all of David’s walls will be filled with Brady now. I think I’m going to order a Fathead now and hope they mess up the order so I get free Fatheads.


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