Keyshawn Johnson and Justin Bieber Confrontation?

Who actually thinks Justin Bieber is a badass? I think the only person that can honestly think that is Bieber himself and maybe his little entourage.

Well apparently Justin decided to go on one of his “I’m a cool kid” drives Monday night. According to sources, Bieber was driving around his Calabasa gated community way over the speed limit in his white Ferrari. Where does former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson come into play? Johnson was driving home from a party that night with his kid, and Bieber just so happened to cruise right past him. Supposedly, Johnson was enraged and went on a man hunt. The main reason was that Keyshawn thought someone could have been killed with the way Bieber was driving.

Keyshawn decided to take some action. He quickly drove home and dropped off his kid. Then, he drove to the pop star’s house in his Prius. Yes, I said it, a Prius. He then parked his Prius right in front of Bieber’s “cool” Ferrari. Key wanted to confront Justin face-to-face like people should do. Once Bieber, 5’7″, got a look at the 6’4″ athlete, he immediately went into his house and would not go outside to talk or even see the furious Johnson.

Johnson is just the latest of complaints towards the young Bieber. NFL legend Eric Dickerson decided to add some fuel to the fire with some tweets. His first one said, “I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down.” His second tweet went on to say, “Hey @justinbieber I use to have a white Ferrari too, but I knew the speed limit in neighborhoods where kids played.” The picture shown is one of Dickerson’s white Ferrari that he owned. Dickerson clearly is not too impressed with Bieber along with Johnson.

The thing that makes me laugh is an event that happened earlier this year around March. There was another complaint on Bieber’s recklessness. One of Justin’s neighbor was out around 8 in the morning and saw Bieber drive 100 mph past his house. The neighbor, who has 3 children, did the right thing and tried to approach Bieber to protect his children. When he went over to his house Bieber went on the say, “Get the f–k out of here. I’m gonna f–king kill you,” and followed up with spitting in his neighbors face.

I like how he decides to talk trash to his middle aged business man neighbor, but runs away from a freak of an athlete. Just some cowardliness on Bieber’s part. This just makes Justin Bieber that much more of a joke. He thinks he can go around and do whatever he wants just because he is “Justin Bieber.” Usually, kids get passed the “I’m so cool” phase when they are teenagers, but Bieber is 19 and is still acting like a child. I don’t think many people thought Bieber was this kind of person, but now I think he is going to lose tons of respect.


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