Umpire Messed Up Double Play Call

Seattle Mariners’ Jesus Sucre hit a grounder to Texas Rangers’ Mitch Moreland where the chaos began. Moreland scooped the ball up and threw it over to second base to Elvis Andrus. At the same time, pitcher Justin Grimm ran over towards first to cover for Moreland. However, Moreland got back to first in time and Andrus flung the ball to first, but Grimm caught the ball. The thing is… Grimm was not on first base. The first base umpire, Jeff Nelson, thought Moreland had the ball in his glove and gave the call to the Rangers for a double play. No one had any idea that Grimm had the ball. Even Mariners manager Eric Wedge did not realize it. Wedge did go argue the call because he thought Moreland was off the bag when catching it. In the moment, I can see why Nelson made the call he did. It looked like Moreland caught the ball, and he sold it. But after looking at the video over, you can see Grimm clearly had the ball.


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