Everett Golson Leaves Notre Dame

Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame. Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribute was the first to report this. There is still no reasoning behind why Golson left the team or the university at all. Notre Dame is now out of a starting quarterback.

Last year, Golson led the Irish to the BCS National Championship Game, where they lost to Alabama. Everett improved heavily throughout the season, gaining trust of everyone, even though he was only a redshirt freshman. He threw for 2405 yards with 12 touchdowns and six picks including 298 yards on the ground and six more touchdowns.

As a Notre Dame football fan myself, I am in disbelief. Notre Dame’s quarterback for the next 3 years is suddenly gone. I have no idea who they have that can fill his shoes. The Irish did have highly recruited quarterback Gunner Kiel. He, however, left the team at the end of the year because I figure he knew he was not going to get playing time with Golson in the way. Boy, I would love to have Gunner back. I really hope these reports are false, but if not, Notre Dame needs to find a replacement fast.

Here are Golson’s highlights at Notre Dame:


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