Coach K Will Indeed Lead USA Basketball

It was confirmed a couple of days ago that Coach Mike Krzyzewski will be returning as USA’s Olympic men’s basketball team. Coach K repeated to say that he was done coaching internationally and was finished with the team. The USA basketball chairman, Jerry Colangelo, was not convinced that Krzyzewski was quite done yet. He decided to hold off any conversations or discussions with Coach K until he was finished with his college season. Colangelo’s strategy seemed to work out.

Krzyzewski, 66, will be leading his American team to Spain for the World Cup of Basketball next summer, followed by the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Coach K has been coaching the USA since 2005, going an amazing 62-1 over those seven years with two gold medals.

One of the first ones to be excited for Krzyzewski’s return was LeBron James of the Miami Heat. “I think it’s great,” said James. “What he means to USA Basketball is beyond just what we do on the court. It’s what we stand for as Americans and being proud of the red, white and blue every time we step off the bus or practice or talk to the media or whatever the case may be. I think it’s great.”

Here’s a video of what LeBron thinks about Coach K:

LeBron was skeptical about returning for the 2016 Games, but with Krzyzewski returning, I am sure James will be back for a third medal. With the Hall of Fame coach coming back, that will probably lead to more players committing to come back like Kobe Bryant, who was going to attend Duke University if he decided to go to college.

Here is a look back at the USA basketball team from 2005-2012:


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