Sanchez Controversy….Already

Once again, the attention hogs, aka the New York Jets, are catching headlines. Not about their two top draft picks or early wide receiver injuries, but about the QB position. While this is the most intriguing position battle on this team, the coverage has turned ugly already. See more after the jump..

In what seems to be a part of the New York Jets’ core culture, an unnamed player came out and said this to CBS sports, “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance.” This comes after the first practice of OTAs in which Sanchez threw 3 interceptions. (One to a defensive lineman named “big snacks”, so there’s that)

After being the worst QB in terms of turnovers for the past two seasons as well as dealing with being benched for two games and media scrutiny, it is certainly understandable that this poor showing on Wednesday creating such a stir amongst the media. This however does not really mean much to me, as I don’t know, IT IS ONLY THE FIRST DAY OF OTAS. But what can you expect, the Jets were the media darlings and now, the media cycle has come full circle. Even though Jets fans should be rooting for Sanchez to do well so that Smith can sit behind him and perfect his play, but most likely, Smith will win the position outright as Mornhinweg wants the decision made before training camp.

Obviously this is a very important controversy, however the more disturbing occurrence is   the scrutiny from an unnamed player. Why someone would do something like this and why this keeps occurring makes absolutely zero sense. Why criticize your own teammate? You are part of the same team. You have the same goal as your teammates. Why start a controversy that could derail your season for seemingly nothing in return? You have to be a special kind of stupid to do this. It is cowardly and has absolutely no purpose. The Jets need to put a stop in this in an attempt to change the public perception of the organization and more importantly, change the in-house culture. Until then, this franchise will continue to be an embarrassment to its loyal fan-base.


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