Tayshaun Prince With A Crazy Dunk

The trade of Rudy Gay from the Grizzlies to the Raptors, at the time, was highly ridiculed. While it was understandable that the Grizzlies needed to reduce the money spent on players’ salaries,  it was inconceivable in trading their top offensive threat, Rudy Gay. Considering the Grizzlies had so much success, this move was definitely against the norm.

In the deal, they acquired Fred Davis, a pick, Austin Daye, and Tayshaun Prince. Prince was to be Rudy Gay’s replacement, which even though he is considered to be a good player, at 33 years old, was on the wrong side of his career. This, many believed, would lead to a huge drop-off in talent and subsequently, a drop-off in wins.

However, critics of the trade have since been silenced, as the Grizz made the playoffs and after last night, have moved on to the Western Conference Finals.

Last night’s highlight: Tayshaun Prince.


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