Nate Robinson Blocks King James

The unfortunate thing about the NBA is that because it is full of the most talented players on the face of the earth, there is very little room for underdogs. So whenever such a player does appear and has success, the nation, especially the city the franchise is based in, becomes mesmerized by such a player.

Such a phenomena has been found in Jeremy Lin, Pablo Prigioni, and Nate Robinson, just to name a few. While in terms of star power Pablo has almost zero, and Lin has detracted from the spotlight in not being in New York and being overshadowed by James Harden, Nate Robinson is still garnering attention.

The 5’9, 180 pounder has astounded the league since his first game through his incredible athletic ability. He has jumped over Dwight Howard, blocked the 7’6 Yao Ming, and last night, blocked the best player in the game and one of the greatest of all time, Lebron James.

Here is the video evidence:

Making Yao Cry:

Jumping Over Dwight:


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