Bulls vs Nets Game 7

While our pre-series prediction was correct (both mine and WSB’s), I have so far gone 0-2 in picking individual games.

While I did mention the Bulls would make the game competitive due to their pride and toughness, I could not see the under-manned Bulls coming out with the win. However, as noted by the commentators, the Nets did not play with any intensity. Charles Barkley said “You need more than just talent to succeed in this league”, and Shaq added “I would take a team of two stars and 3 Noahs over a team of 5 stars”.

Although I was wrong, I am pretty happy that 2/3 of my least favorite NBA teams have been eliminated.

In case you missed it, or you just want to rewatch the Nets losing, here are some highlights of game seven:


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