Why The Nets Will Win Tonight

As an avid Knicks fan, it is not hard to realize that I am not a fan of the Brooklyn Nets. Just as I am a Mets and Jets fan, I do not like the Giants or Yankees. While my heart wants the Bulls to win tonight, if I do not pick the Nets tonight I should be considered the most biased sports writer of all time.

This is not to say that the Nets are unbelievably talented or are a sure shot to advance, because even upon winning tonight they would have to face the behemoth of a team in the Miami Heat. This reluctant prediction has much more to do with the state of their opponent, the Chicago Bulls.

While we at WSB picked the Bulls to pull off the minor upset at the onset of the playoffs, I have to contradict this because the Bulls are absolutely decimated by illness and injuries.

Playing this season without their star player and still being able to get the 5th seed is a major accomplishment in its own right. (That whole situation of him not returning still boggles my mind) With Luol Deng being ruled out because he is so sick, Kirk Hinrich a game time decision, Noah sitting on the bench shaking because of an illness, and Nate Robinson vomiting on the side-line, I just do not see the Bulls being able to overcome it.

I do believe that is game will be competitive, as like the Celtics, the Bulls play with a certain type of toughness, guts, and pride that is not easily conquered. Look for the Nets to rally and take the series, and then lose in the next round.


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